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PL2002-1(A) Newfoundland

The petroleum lease, PL2002-01(A), allows for the production of hydrocarbons from an onshore area on the Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland. The initial lease was originally issued in 2002, and is the first and only onshore production lease granted by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The lease was extended on August 12th 2012 for a period of 5 years.


The lease contains a discovered oil and gas accumulation, The Garden Hill Field.


The Garden Hill Field (GHF) is an oil and gas accumulation discovered in PL2002-01(A). It was discovered by Hunt Oil in 1995 with exploration well Port au Port #1 (PAP#1). When initially drilled, the PaP#1 well produced over 2,000 barrels per day. Two sidetracks were subsequently drilled from PAP#1, the second of which (ST#2) produced oil at the rate of 200 barrels per day during tests. Production tests from GHF, prior to re-entry in January 2007, produced over 22,000 barrels of oil. The oil produced from GHF has been of high quality (51° API).


GHF Timeline

1995 - The Garden Hill Field discovered by Hunt Oil with exploration well Port au Port #1 (PAP#1). Well initially produced over 2000 barrels per day.


2001 -

  • • PAP#1 opened, acidized and produced 10,500bbls oil, 5000bbls water, 48MMscf gas.
  • • CIVC commences commissioning of PAP#1 for production.
  • • Two sidetracks from PAP#1 are drilled (ST#1 and ST#2).
  • • ST#1 is abandoned as non-commercial. Encountered limestone in target payzone rather than the target Hydrothermal Dolomite.
  • • ST#2 produces oil at the rate of 200 barrels per day during testing.


2006 - PDIP Farms in to 33% of all leases and license in Western Newfoundland.


2007 -

  • • Application to re-enter the well successful.
  • • Flow test conducted on PAP#1. Produced 4,315bbl oil, 15mscf gas during testing.
  • • TRACS contracted to write Competent Persons Report (CPR)


2008 - • New sidetrack (ST#3) drilled within the Upper Aguathuna reservoir. Completed December 2008.


2009 - • Flow tests on ST#3 whilst assessing potential waxing problem.


2010 - • Chemical soak conducted on ST#3 to clear wax from around the wellbore to stimulate flow and pressure recovery.


2012 - • Acid squeeze conducted on ST#3 to improve productivity. Initial results suggest ST#3 now has an absolute open hole flow potential of 310 boepd.


2013 - • PaP#1-ST-#3 well (the “Well”) in the Garden Hill Field (“GHF”) flowed for total of 214 hours, producing 1,731 barrels of oil up to 17 May 2013. Black Spruce Exploration (BSE) Farm-in, intended to lead to drilling of well PaP#1-ST-#4


2014 - • Black Spruce Exploration (BSE) Farm-in terminated

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